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Custom Orders  

Remember there are no misspelled names. You choose the spelling and we do the rest. The letters are between 3 and 4 inches tall and the width opening size is approximately 75% of the height.



Names / Custom Orders

We can cut any first or last name, word, or phrase containing 10 letters or less on a single line. We can also cut two line mats with up to 8 letters per line  We use only the size mat that is needed to display the number of letters in your selection. Any mat can be double matted to accentuate the letters, represent school  colors, or match home or office decorating colors.

click here for explanation of single vs double mats


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Single Mat ---- One Line

Double Mat ---- One Line

Single Mat ---- Two Lines

Double Mat ---- Two Lines

Please call or e-mail for combinations not listed below or for any questions concerning PRICING, MAT COLORS, and FRAMES .


Single Mat ---- One Line

3-5 letters (Size: 8x16) (Mat:  $12)


5-7 letters (Size: 8x20) (Mat: $14)


7-8 letters (Size: 8x24) (Mat: $16)


8-10  letters (Size: 8x28) (Mat: $18)



Double Mat ---- One Line

3-4 letters (Size: 8x16) (Mat: $18)


5-6 letters (Size: 8x20) (Mat: $21)


6-7 letters (Size: 8x24) (Mat: $24)


8-10  letters (Size: 8x28) (Mat: $27)



Single Mat ---- Two Lines

1-6 letters per line
(Size: 10x20) (Mat: $18)


6-8 letters per line
(Size: 10x24) (Mat: $20)



Double Mat ---- Two Lines

1-5 letters per line
(Size: 10x20) (Mat: $27)


6-8 letters per line
(Size: 10x24) (Mat: $30)







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